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  1. Dovecot on Ubuntu 12.04

    Having a local mail daemon is great for development and debugging without having to waste resources or depend on external configurations. Dovecot is a simple mail server for IMAP and POP support. Postfix is the established standard for Linux mail server support. apt-get install postfix apt-get install dovecot-postfix Installs: dovecot-core dovecot-imapd dovecot-managesieved dovecot-pop3d dovecot-sieve mail-stack-delivery…

  2. Facebook and Flash reach new heights

    With recent news of Facebook traffic exceeding Google’s traffic a few weeks ago, it is no surprise that the Flash gaming market within Facebook has seen a huge boost in popularity. With over 400 million users, small companies have been been able to reach target audiences with ease. The popular Facebook Flash-based game FarmVille has…

  3. Windows 7 Mobile mixes Silverlight and XNA

    Microsoft has been releasing some juicy details about their upcoming mobile OS. With a huge focus on making lives of developer’s easier, they have announced that many of the familiar beneficial qualities of Silverlight and XNA will be made available in the Windows 7 Mobile SDK. The demos so far show some impressive performance in…

  4. Microsoft shows off IE9 at MIX10

    A test build of Internet Explorer 9 was demonstrated at MIX10 in Las Vegas. New features include with HTML5 support, hardware accelerated graphics, and an improved JavaScript engine. Windows XP users will be left out for many of the features. More at Gizmodo.

  5. Co-evolution of Visual Basic and C#

    Scott Wiltamuth, Microsoft Product Unit Manager for the VB, C#, F#, IronPython and IronRuby languages, shares his development strategies for the co-evolution of Visual Basic and C# and how they will continue to co-exist in the future. Read his post on MSDN

  6. Muscle Cars

    1. Corvettes are not muscle cars.2. Dodge Vipers are not muscle cars.3. Nothing, absolutely nothing, made past 1973 a muscle car.4. Nothing manufactured overseas is a muscle car.5. Muscle cars were a broad category of automobiles produced mostly in Detroit in the late 1960s-early 1970s that were, traditionally, heavy, rear-wheel drive, high-output V8s. They were…

  7. Nexuiz 2.5 Released

    Version 2.5 of the open source first-person shooter Nexuiz has been released. Check it out! Alientrap

  8. Coders, Your Days Are Numbered

    Communication skills, not coding skills, are a developer’s greatest asset in a bear economy. This makes sense as dealing with developers that have neither are really just a financial burden. This can make a great impact on success or failure when creating a team. “Just as nine women can’t make a baby in a month,…