March, 2010

  1. Programming as a Medium

    Program or be programmed. Are you just a user in the new electronic era? Watch a video on Youtube of Douglas Rushkoff giving a speech covering some of his views at the recent SXSW 2010.

  2. Chrome with Flash integration

    With over 95% of the average web users running some form of Flash, it is good to hear that Google Chrome will be working very closely with Adobe to integrate Flash into its browser. This will also allow Chrome to provide an improved plugin API for other web browser plugins. Read more and download beta…

  3. Facebook and Flash reach new heights

    With recent news of Facebook traffic exceeding Google’s traffic a few weeks ago, it is no surprise that the Flash gaming market within Facebook has seen a huge boost in popularity. With over 400 million users, small companies have been been able to reach target audiences with ease. The popular Facebook Flash-based game FarmVille has…

  4. Windows 7 Mobile mixes Silverlight and XNA

    Microsoft has been releasing some juicy details about their upcoming mobile OS. With a huge focus on making lives of developer’s easier, they have announced that many of the familiar beneficial qualities of Silverlight and XNA will be made available in the Windows 7 Mobile SDK. The demos so far show some impressive performance in…

  5. Microsoft shows off IE9 at MIX10

    A test build of Internet Explorer 9 was demonstrated at MIX10 in Las Vegas. New features include with HTML5 support, hardware accelerated graphics, and an improved JavaScript engine. Windows XP users will be left out for many of the features. More at Gizmodo.

  6. Co-evolution of Visual Basic and C#

    Scott Wiltamuth, Microsoft Product Unit Manager for the VB, C#, F#, IronPython and IronRuby languages, shares his development strategies for the co-evolution of Visual Basic and C# and how they will continue to co-exist in the future. Read his post on MSDN

  7. .NET Documentation Generator

    I have been using Sandcastle with SHFB (Sandcastle Help File Builder) to create nicely formatted documentation for projects using the .NET Framework. It has been very helpful for navigating quickly through the CSLA.NET framework and for quickly referencing inherited Visual Basic projects with insane amounts of code.

  8. SSMS Alternative

    There are not many freeware alternatives to Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio. Fortunately, Quest Software has recently made their TOAD for SQL Server product freeware. I have used TOAD and other Quest Software products for Oracle in the past and I highly recommend using them. The interface is much more intuitive and reacts smoother than…

  9. Tech in the Middle

    I attended the Tech in the Middle: Day of Mobile event this last Saturday in Chicago. Very interesting speakers with valuable insights into the future of the mobile marketplace. Wonderful presentations by Bob Martin, Jay Freeman and David Whatley. The “Dynamic Languages are the Future” speech made a great case for Test Driven Development and…

  10. Sharing code cross platform

    Lately, I have been using Unity and Prism to develop projects that allow me to target the Silverlight and WPF platforms using shared modular code. Here’s a cool demo of Microsoft taking this one step further to show how you can play the same instance of a game cross platform. Featured is an Indiana Jones…