Linux Gains Momentum from Economic Struggles

There have been many articles lately about open source software and the higher adoption rate during the global financial crisis. With the large percentage of IT departments facing budget cuts, Linux becomes more attractive from a cost saving standpoint in both server and desktop applications. Change in the way Microsoft markets their products may soon be required to stay ahead and remain the dominate player in these markets.
Network Computing India

French Police have saved an estimated 50 million Euros in the last 3 years by switching from Microsoft Office to and they have started adoption to Ubuntu Linux on the desktop.
Ars Technica
OSOR Europe

Open source projects maturing over time set the bar higher each day for Microsoft, Apple and other vendors. Here are some OSS projects that I have taken interest to in the last few months:
Alfresco (SharePoint/ECMS)
OpenProj (Project Management)
Ubuntu Linux

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